Customers from various countries around the world visit kA Testing Facility, primarily to witness tests performed here on their panels. We have compiled information in this section to help you prepare for your visit to our laboratory in Nottingham, UK. We hope you will find it useful. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

When planning your testing project, please take into account how long it takes to ship your test panels – most of the time it will take a number of weeks for your panels to reach us.

To help us look after you as best as we can when you visit us, please fill out this pre-visit questionnaire.



While some of our customers choose their own provider, we find it is often beneficial to work with our recommended shipping company that we have an established relationship with. This helps to speed up the process, including clearance at customs, and they will be able to advise you on all the documentation required. Please contact our lab administrator to obtain shipping company details.

Visas/Invitation Letters

Visitors from some countries require a visa. If you are unsure, please check the Home Office website. You will need to apply for a visa at the UK embassy or consulate in your country before you come to the UK and you will need to inform us of your intentions. If you require an invitation letter to obtain a visa to travel to our laboratory, please download information required.

Stay & do

When you’re arranging your stay, we can recommend hotels and activities. Download guides below for further information.

Where to stay

Where to eat

Nottingham City Guide

If you require any other information or help with arranging your visit, please get in touch.