Long term exposure to sunlight & UV radiation can cause degradation of a variety of materials. This is caused by the radiation breaking down the surface molecular structure.

kA Testing have added a chamber fitted with Xenon arc lamps which gives the best reproduction of full spectrum natural sunlight. The chamber is also fitted with water spray nozzles which are run simultaneously with the lamps to recreate a variety of different climates. Using this equipment, we are able to run a variety of tests on different materials to mirror the exposer they would face in an everyday environment.

The chambers size also gives you the option to test a variety of samples to the same atmosphere simultaneously reducing waiting times and cost.

The types of materials or products that can benefit from accelerated weathering testing are: Plastics, Textiles, Sealants, Rubber, Paints, Varnishes & Other Protective Coatings.
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Diagram used with the permission
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