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Example drawingThe drawings are used to clearly identify the equipment tested and construction used by the manufacturer.

The drawings of an assembly should list all of the construction information including but not exclusive to:

  • Dimensions of the enclosure
  • Dimensions and quantities of copper busbars and fish plates
  • Busbar connections
  • Make and model of ACBs, MCCBs, trip units etc.
  • Make and model of insulators e.g. stand-off insulators, busbar supports etc.
  • Make and model of other components e.g. door locks, polycarbonate barriers, seals, handles etc.
  • Internal partition location, size and ventilation detail
  • Louver detail
  • Lifting details
  • Shipping sections

Once complete, the drawings will be included in the report as evidence to third parties that the equipment detailed in the drawings is a correct representation of the equipment tested. Our drawing requirements can be found here.

Note the drawings will be slightly smaller than A4 size in the final report so ensure writing is not too small when scaled down for binding.


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