10.5.2 Effective Earth Continuity

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Earthing of the assembly is split into 2 sub-clauses:

1. 10.5.2 Internal faults within the assembly
2. 10.5.3 External faults of the assembly (short circuit)


Earth continuity testIn Clause 10.5.2, earth continuity test are carried out to verify the effective earth connection between each exposed conductive parts and the terminal for the external protective conductor (e.g. removable covers, hinged doors, hinged covers) and the protective circuit. Resistance is measured with a current of minimum 10A ac/dc flowing between each exposed conductive part and the protective conductor. The resistance measured between each exposed conductive part and protective circuit shall not exceed 0.1Ω.

For verification of the earth in relation to external faults, see Strength of the Protective Circuit.


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