Verification of Insulating Materials to Abnormal Heat and Fire due to Internal Electric Effects

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Clause is to verify the suitability of the materials used on an assembly with the glow-wire test principles of IEC 60695-2-10 and the details given in IEC 60695-2-11.

The glow wire tip (see below for test temperatures) is applied to the material sample for 30 seconds and measured for ignition time, time for the sample to extinguish, flame height, critical observations and non-critical observations.

The temperature of the glow wire tip is as follows:

• 960°C for parts necessary to retain current-carrying parts in position
• 650°C for all other parts, including parts necessary to retain the protective conductor

At kA Testing Facility we request that a sample of each insulating part is sent with the assembly where glow-wire testing is required.

Watch glow wire video here.


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