IEC 61439

IEC 61534 is the standard for powertrack (PT) systems with a rated voltage less than 277 V a.c single phase, or 480 V a.c. two or three phase,
50 Hz or 60 Hz with a rated current not exceeding 63A.
IEC 61534, sub-clause 5.3 specifies all the required tests and applicable number of samples required to achieve compliance. We have the ability
to perform majority of the tests in house and project manage the small number of remaining tests.
kA Testing facility offers full certification to IEC 61534-1, IEC 61534-21 & IEC 61534-22.

IEC 61534 is the standard for powertrack (PT) systems

1. Marking and Documentation 

2. Construction 

3. Clearances, creepage distances and solid insulation

4. Protection against electric shock 

5. Terminals and Terminations

6. Screws, current carrying parts and connections

7. Mechanical strength

8. Insulation resistance test and dielectric strength test

9. Normal operation

10. Temperature rise more

11. Short-circuit protection and short-circuit withstand strength more

12. Resistance to heat

13. Fire hazard Glow Wire

14. External influences Corrosion and Ingress Protection

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