Our customers often ask us to include names other than manufacturer’s on the certificates, so it is important to note the following:

It is ASTA’s rule that the “manufacturer” as stated on the front sheet of an ASTA Certificate is the origination at a stated location that produced the equipment under test. Other manufacturing sites or other manufactures in the same group are not allowed to be shown as the “manufacturer”. Other names may be included on the ASTA certificate front sheet under “Made for” and/or “Tested for”.

The information below has been reproduced from the ASTA (Intertek) document to clarify this further.

Applicant” or “Client” means the person or organisation requesting the Certificate

Vendor” means the person who is selling the equipment

Manufacturer” means the company that is responsible for the final assembly of the equipment

Certificate Holder” may be any of the above

Brand Name” means an alternative name under which the equipment may be manufactured, marketed and sold and where appropriate, an alternative designation of the equipment. This is also sometimes referred to as a “Trade Name”.


Permitted Variations to the Certificate Front Sheet:


The name and the address of the manufacturer’s production site at which the final assembly of the tested product took place must be identified on the Certificate Front Sheet. Where the product includes major sub-assemblies made at different sites or by another manufacturer, these shall be separately identified in the backing report.

Any trade name*, brand name* or responsible vendors name required to be included on the Certificate Front Sheet at the client’s request, may be incorporated if it is preceded by the manufacturers name and address and the phrase ‘made for’**.


VENDOR” or another appropriate expression agreed by ASTA, may replace “MANUFACTURER”, the full name and address of the organisation being stated on the front sheet. In such cases the manufacturer’s full name and address must be shown in the body of the certificate.


If the applicant to the testing laboratory is not the manufacturer as identified above then the applicants name and address shall follow that of the laboratory preceded by the phrase ‘tested for’.

* Where alternative brand names or trade names are used the drawings representing the apparatus tested and held by the testing authority must be changed to show the different name.
**Where the full length of the manufacturers or vendors address cannot be included, an abbreviated form may be used provided there is no ambiguity as to its applicability.

In all cases above, the manufacturer and manufacturing address may not be changed and the certificate only applies to the equipment tested and made by that manufacturer.