Sometimes our customers are unclear whether they require a certificate or a report, and sometimes they are unclear what they will be able to attain after the tests have been performed. We have therefore tried to clarify below the difference between a report and a certificate. The below applies whether you are looking to obtain ASTA Report / Certificate or our own in-house ones.


Test Report

Test Report is most appropriate for research and development projects or to demonstrate fulfillment of a particular requirement that your customer has requested. For the purposes of the report, only one or a few tests from the total sequence prescribed by the standard IEC 61439 are normally carried out. This is insufficient to demonstrate full compliance to the standard and therefore a report is issued rather than a certificate.

Test Certificate

To obtain a Test Certificate, the panel is subjected to either complete sequence of tests prescribed by IEC 61439 (table D.1) or a complete individual clause. Test Certificate therefore demonstrates full compliance to the standard. This does not include any aspects of the quality systems implemented at either the original panel system manufacturer or the panel builder.