Salt Spray (Corrosion testing) in IEC 61439 is part of testing of Strength of materials and parts.

Clause 8.1.2 of the Standard states that to ensure protection against corrosion, suitable materials or protective coatings to the exposed surface need to be used, taking account of the normal service conditions.

Compliance to this requirement is checked by the test of 10.2.2., where representative samples of ferrous metallic enclosures are verified,  including internal and external ferrous metallic constructional parts of the assembly.

The test is usually carried out on a representative sample enclosure with representative internal parts in place and door closed as in normal use. Representative enclosure parts and internal parts can also be tested separately. In all cases hinges, locks and fastenings are also tested.

When supplying the representative sample for corrosion test, please note that it needs to have same IP as the test panel and include mounting plate, hinges, locks and fastenings and you should also include a few loose metal parts such as nuts, fixing bolts and threaded rod. The size of the representative test panel supplied to us for corrosion tests should not exceed the following dimensions:  500 x 500 x 200mm deep.