Glow Wire Test

Environmental testing includes a series of measurements and tests designed to assess the ability of specimens to perform under expected conditions of transportation, storage and all aspects of operational use. We specialise in the tests listed below but endeavour to outsource for our customers where possible.

Most of these tests are carried out with reference to IEC 60068-1 Environmental Testing – General and guidance



Glow Wire Testing

At kA Testing Facility we have specialist testing equipment that enables us to verify the properties of insulating materials to abnormal heat as specified by IEC 61439.This is performed on samples of materials which might be exposed to thermal stresses due to internal electrical effects.


IP and IK Testing

Ingress Protection codes classify the degrees of protection provided by enclosures against the penetration of solid objects, dust, water and accidental contact and are an important feature of electrical enclosures. IK rating classifies the level of protection that electrical enclosures provide against mechanical impact.


Salt Spray
(Corrosion Testing)

Corrosion tests to severity test A and B for indoor and outdoor inclosures can be provided. These are normally performed on small test enclosures with a door assembly, including hinges and catches etc., with a few loose metal parts (nuts, fixing bolts and threaded rod). Maximum size of this test panel can be 500 x 500 x 200mm.


Please contact us with any environmental testing requirements. Which we can offer to a range of standards.