Charpy & Izod tests are both types of impact tests which are performed on materials. The tests are performed by striking a test sample with a pendulum hammer. These tests are used to measure a materials resistance to impact from a swinging pendulum. The force used to break the specimen is measured in joules and is calculated by comparing the point at which the pendulum is swung to where the pendulum finishes after break of the specimen. If the hammer does not break the specimen on impact a heavier hammer is used on a new sample until failure occurs.

 Charpy Test
We offer Charpy Impact Testing to BS EN ISO 179-1. The Charpy Impact Test is a standard sized specimen mounted horizontally in the apparatus and the pendulum hammer swung to impact the middle of the sample. For Charpy Tests the samples can be either notched or unnotched.

Izod Test
We offer Izod Impact Testing to BS EN ISO 180-1. The Izod Impact Test follows a very similar procedure to the Charpy Test. It involves a standard sized specimen mounted in the apparatus but for this test it is mounted vertically, and the pendulum hammer is swung to impact the upper tip of the sample. For the Izod Test the sample can either be notched or unnotched.

We offer testing on plastic and wood samples ranging from 0.2 Joules to 25 Joules.

Our standard laboratory condition for these tests is 23°C +/- 3 (50% relative humidity +/-10%.)

Along with testing to the above product standards we are also able to offer Charpy & Izod tests to products which have been pre-conditioned to extreme conditions. Using our Climatic Chamber we are able to subject items to the following temperatures.
-40°C to +180°C without humidity.
10°C to 95°C with humidity (10-98% relative humidity)

 We are also able to perform both Charpy & Izod Tests on material after they have gone through Accelerated Weathering Testing.

 By performing these tests after the material has gone through these environmental testing procedures gives you an idea of how the material will cope if exposed to the elements for a prolonged period of time.