kA Testing Facility offer a number of Climatic Testing solutions suitable for product and raw material manufacturers.

 High and Low Temperature Testing

Our climatic chamber has the ability to run tests at both high and low temperatures. The temperature range of the chamber is between –40°C to + 180°C without humidity and    10° C to 95°C with humidity (10-98% relative humidity).
The chamber has a right hand side port hole gives us the option to be able to run electrical equipment while it is subjected to various climatic conditions. These tests can be run on both heat-dissipating and non-heat-dissipating specimens.

 Damp Heat Testing (High Humidity Testing)

The equipment can also be used to perform Damp Heat Tests which is a test based on subjecting a product or material to 1 or more temperature cycles in which the relative    humidity is maintained at a high level.

The chamber can be programmed to run for any time duration, and to any number of    cycles (Duration & Cycles are usually defined by the product standards).

Climatic-Testing-Chamber Closed Climatic-Testing-Chamber Open