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We are pleased to work closely with companies and professional/educational organisations to develop new prototype products or materials for the industry and have onsite workshop and fabrication facilities available. We offer our test facilities for organisations to take their designs and concepts to the next level. Whether you are looking for a day or two of testing to prove your product or looking to work in partnership on a longer-term project, we would be pleased to discuss your requirements.

In addition, we are able to recommend companies who specialise in low voltage or high voltage switchgear design, the development of new products for the market, and offer consultancy and support through the development/testing process.


Special Tests

There are occasions when companies are asked to prove a product beyond or outside of the requirements of an international standard, and so need a bespoke approach to the tests to be conducted. We work with customers and their clients to provide the specialised conditions and/or test sequences necessary for one-off testing and have onsite workshop and fabrication facilities available to make this possible.

Proving Tests

In the process of developing a new range of products or specific piece of equipment to meet a customer’s unique requirements, it is not unusual that at some stage, the manufacturer or customer will seek to obtain third party verification of the product’s performance. Where these can be tested to recognised standards, we can provide the necessary testing or provide agreed tests, specially designed to meet a client’s unique requirements.


Designing a product from scratch or producing products for testing can be daunting and expensive. Whilst as a testing laboratory we remain impartial and fair in the services we offer all our customers, we are happy to recommend the consultant services of
3 Phase Design for LV products.

Tests which may be usefull as part of your product development are:

  • Dielectric Power Frequency and Impulse tests
  • Partial discharge testing
  • Temerature rise tests up to 7000A
  • Ingress protection (IP)
  • Impact tests (IK)
  • Glow Wire tests
  • Mechanical operation and load tests

Get in touch to discuss how kA Testing Facility can help with your research and development requirements.