kA Testing Laboratory have installed equipment for performing Tensile, Flexural & Compression tests – these tests are able to be run on finished products or raw materials.

Tensile or tension testing is carried out on a materials or products to assess their reaction to forces being applied in tension. The test continues until the material fails. During the test breaking strength, maximum elongation and ultimate tensile strength (complete tensile profile) are measured.

Flexural testing is carried out on materials or products to assess their bending properties. During the test elasticity in bending, flexural stress and flexural stress-strain can be measured. 3-point and 4-point flexural tests methods are available.

Compression testing is carried out on materials or products to assess their crush resistance (compressive strength) or ability to recover from a compressive force. During the test proportional limit, yield point/strength and compressive strength can be measured.

Tensile, flexural and compression testing can also be used in combination with

Climatic testing

Accelerated weathering (UV) testing

Tension, flexural and compression testing standards

  • BS EN ISO 178 Plastics. Determination of flexural properties
  • BS EN ISO 527 Plastics. Determination of tensile properties
  • BS EN ISO 604 Plastics. Determination of compressive properties
  • BS EN ISO 6259-1 Thermoplastics pipes. Determination of tensile properties

Test samples for the above tests are defined by the material or product standards, please contact us for assistance.

If you have a development project or want to understand how your products perform under specific conditions, please contact us to discuss your requirements