In general, international standards bring technological, economic and societal benefits. They help to harmonize technical specifications of products and services, making industry more efficient and breaking down barriers to international trade. Conformity to international standards helps reassure consumers that products are safe and efficient.

IEC 61439 – the new international standard for low voltage switchgear and controlgear

IEC 61439 is a strategic tool that helps companies tackle some of the most demanding challenges of modern switchgear manufacturing business. IEC 61439 ensures that business operations are as efficient as possible, it increases productivity and it helps the panel builders access new markets.

Benefits of IEC 61439 include:

  • Cost savings – Routine verification systems help optimise operations and therefore improve the bottom line
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction – Compliance with IEC 61439 helps improve quality, it enhances customer satisfaction and increases sales
  • Access to new markets – IEC 61439 helps prevent trade barriers and opens up global markets
  • Increased market share –┬áIEC 61439 helps increase productivity and competitive advantage

Testing and Certification to IEC 61439

The best reason for wanting to comply with IEC 61439 is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of company operations. However Testing and Certification to IEC 61439 are often sought because

  • they are a contractual or regulatory requirement
  • they are necessary to meet customer preferences
  • fall within the context of a risk management programme

If you would like to find out more about how Testing and Certification to IEC 61439 can help your business, please get in touch.


(adapted from ISO website).