The verification of temperature rise on customer’s current carrying assemblies is key to ensuring it is supplied to the market for use within its proven operating capability. We are capable of carrying out tests from just a few Amps on individual components, up to 7000 Amps on complete assemblies. Thermocouples are strategically placed on the devices and components within the assembly to show compliance with relevant standards. Temperatures are recorded at set intervals (typically every 15 mins) until thermal stability is reached. The maximum operating temperature of each piece of equipment (and the maximum ambient temperature it is required to work in) must be known to determine an acceptable increase in temperature for the product, and where applicable, it’s external surfaces.

We presently operate three 3 phase temperature rise test rigs with three data loggers having up to 240 inputs for recording the changes in temperature from thermocouples fixed within the assembly. We also have facility to perform non-invasive infra-red temperature measurement and thermal imaging.

If you would like to understand the different options available for temperature rise testing in IEC 61439, please download this PDF.

We have two chambers where we can accommodate customers testing to raised ambient temperature as required by authorities in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman amongst others.


If you are looking to perfom temperature rise tests either as part of testing to IEC 61439 or as stand-alone tests resulting in a report, please contact us.