If your products are exposed to the elements you need to prove that they still work as expected. We simulate weather conditions, accelerate the ageing process, and create corrosive environments.


Most product standards require brand new test samples. How does your product perform after a few years out in the field?


Does your plastic enclosure crack and shatter exposing dangerous workings after only a couple of years?


Does your warning signage fade or peel off under the glare of the sun?


Does your electrical or thermal insulation break down following a slightly colder than normal winter?


We are experts in combining environments conditioning and accelerated ageing with material and electrical tests to prove your products under very specific conditions.


Our capabilities include


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Examples of our electrical testing

Temperature rise


Lighting impulse

Partial discharge

Power frequency


Examples of our material testing

Flame testing

Glow wire testing


Tension / compression

Impact testing – IK

Sudden impact – sandbag test