Accelerated ageing/weathering and UV testing are performed on products, materials and coatings that will be subjected to periods of time outside. It is used to assess the level of damage and degradation that occurs with exposure to sunlight and moisture.

We use Xenon arc (UV) lamps which simulate the full spectrum of natural sunlight.

With the ability to fully programme lamp ON/OFF times and use water sprays at any time, we can create most types of climates.

The duration of any test is often set by individual product standards. If you need to put your product through specific proving, our highly experienced test engineers will work with you to create durations and cycle patterns to meet your individual requirements.

Guidance on levels of exposure in relation to particular global regions can be given.

Accelerated ageing is a conditioning process and assessment tests are performed on pre- and post- aged samples. The assessment testing proves a particular property of your product or material.

Some of these tests we can carry out are:


ISO 4892-2
Methods of exposure to laboratory light – Xenon Arc

BS EN 60068-2-5
Simulated solar radiation at ground level and guidance for solar radiation testing


We offer a range of reports and certificates to meet your requirements.

Please visit the certificates and reports page for further information.

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