Salt spray (or salt fog or salt mist) and corrosion testing is performed on products, materials and coatings to assess their resistance to corrosion. It is widely used to prove the resistance to corrosion of surface coatings such as powder coating or zinc plating.

We carry out salt spray testing using both continuous spray and cyclic test processes.

Corrosion testing is vital in determining suitability and service life for both individual components and complete products and assemblies. We simulate environmental conditions including extreme conditions of damp, dry, hot and cold. Temperature and humidity testing can also be a stand-alone test.

Test durations and the schedules within cyclical testing are often set by individual product standards or end users. If you need to put your product through specific proving, our highly experienced test engineers will work with you to create durations and cycle patterns to meet your specific requirements.

If your product or component has a marine sector application, we create salt laden environments as detailed in marine standards and by some specialist specifications.

Test programmes can also include:


BS EN IEC 60068-2-11
Salt Mist Testing

IEC 60068-2-52
Salt Mist Cyclic Test – Test for components designed to withstand salt laden atmosphere depending on severity

BS EN ISO 7253:2001/BS3900-F12:1997
Paints and varnishes determination of resistance to neutral salt spray fog

Railway application salt test for electrical equipment to be used on rolling stock

IEC 61701
Salt mist corrosion testing of photovoltaic (PV) modules

Normal corrosion resistance to ocean environments. Oldest and most widely used test 5% solution of NaCl


We offer a range of reports and certificates to meet your requirements.

Please visit the certificates and reports page for further information.

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