We have created this flowchart to help answer questions about the typical test sequence of assemblies and to let you know in a bit more detail about what happens at each stage. You can click through the stages that interest you below or start at ‘Order’ and then navigate through. We would welcome your feedback to see if we have answered your questions or if there’s more you’d like to know.


Typical test sequence against clauses of IEC 61439-2, edition 2

Order Drawings Certificate 10.9 Dielectric Properties 10.5.3 Strength of the Protective Circuit 10.5.2 Effective Earth Continuity 10.4 Clearances and Creepages 10.3 Internal Form of Separation 10.3 Degree of Protection 10.2.7 Marking 10.2.6 Mechanical Impact 10.2.5 Lifting Verification of Insulating Materials to Abnormal Heat and Fire due to Internal Electric Effects 10.2.2 Resistance to Corrosion 10.2 Strength of Materials and Parts 10.13 Mechanical Operations 10.11 Short-Circuit Withstand Strength 10.10 Verification of Temperature Rise