low voltage testing equipment

kA Testing Facility specialises in testing to IEC 61439, which is the standard for low voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies. Upon successful completion, our clients are able to obtain ASTA Certificates of Verification Tests. Alternatively, we can perform just specific tests as required by customers.

We have three low voltage laboratories which are equipped with three temperature rise test sets, as well as impulse and power frequency equipment for verification testing. For customers wishing to perform testing for research and development purposes, we also have workshop and fabrication facilities available on-site.


Testing to IEC 61439

IEC 61439 is the standard for low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies.  We offer full certification to cover all the areas of design to be verified by test.


Temperature Rise

The Verification of Temperature Rise on customer’s current carrying assemblies is key to ensuring it is supplied to the market for use within its proven operating capability.


Environmental Tests

In addition to IP testing, IEC 61439 also requires the verification of the Properties of Insulating Materials to abnormal heat, as well as corrosion testing.


Please contact us with any requirements for low voltage switchgear assembly testing.